Why does time just whizzes past when you’re enjoying yourself to the full? No constant mobile checking but getting rid of a burden and a time out from all the stress was exactly the thing my better half Diana and I were busy doing last week. I always feel kind of nostalgic when driving back to the airport after a long-awaited journey, like an ominous time-lapse while sitting head leant right against the bus window back to the airport. All these holiday memories that zoom past like these lovely palm trees next to every street. “Wowers, palm trees wherever you look” – was one of my first thoughts by the way that rushed into my mind when I put a first step on spanish soil again. After spending 6 days full of quality time (travelling together, the high of every long distance friendship, yay!) I became a huge fan of the Mediterranean neighborhood, which to be honest I wasn’t before. My finnish roots always pushed me up to the North but nevertheless, I literally spent one of the most beautiful vacation in Barcelona so far, no wonder between all the fascinating architecture, ice-cream with macaron topping, the sea breeze in my hair and my best friend by my side. And because of the fact that the city of pickpockets (we managed to just skip this experience) is always a good idea for a next travel destinantion, I would love to share a little minimalist guide to Barcelona for all the #archilovers #foodies and other fancy hashtag peeps among you. Enjoy!

Warum vergeht die Zeit eigentlich immer dann am schnellsten, wenn man sie gerade in vollen Zügen genießt? Abschaltet. Von jeglichem (Alltags-)ballast und diversem Päckchenherumgetrage. Ich fühl’ mich jedes Mal auf ein Neues in diesem ominösen Zeitraffer, wenn ich im Bus zurück zum Flughafen sitze und alle Urlaubs-Erinnerungen der letzten Tage in Kurzform nur so an mir vorbeirauschen, wie diese schönen Palmen. “Überall Palmen in Barcelona” –  So oder so ähnlich war übrigens mein erster Gedanke, als ich seit langem endlich wieder spanischen Boden betrat. Typisch Kleinkindmanier eben, mit der Nase an der Scheibe klebend, saß ich neben Diana im Aerobus zurück Richtung Heimat, nachdem wir 6 Tage geballte Quality-Time zusammen verbringen durften (gemeinsam Reisen, das Hoch einer jeder Fernbeziehungs-Freundschaft, yay!) Ich muss ehrlich gestehen, dass es mich noch nie so wirklich Richtung Süden getrieben hat, hänge wohl doch sehr an meinem Hohen Norden und trotzdem habe ich vermutlich in der letzten Woche einer meiner bisher schönsten Urlaube verbracht. Aber kein Wunder zwischen extrem faszinierender Architektur, Eiscreme mit Macaron-Topping, Meeresbrise im Haar und der besten Freundin an der Seite kann man es sich genau genommen nur mehr als gut gehen lassen. Und da die Stadt der Taschendiebe (wir wurden nur um ein Haar beklaut) immer einen Besuch wert sein sollte, gibt’s einen kleinen, aber feinen minimalistischen Guide für all’ die #archilovers #foodies und was auch immer die kunterbunte Hashtagwelt sonst noch so zu bieten hat. Enjoy!

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Tropicó (08001, Carrer Marquès de Barberà 24) – If you’re a pancake lover (like I am) you should definitely check out this place but actually everything looks amazing there … and I really do not exaggerate!

Lulu Barcelona (08003, Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera 7) – Smoothie hearts will beat faster – the “Creamy Green” is to die for but the breakfast specials are also worth a try.

Wer-Haus (08009, Carrer d’Aragó 287) – Reminded me of Voo Store in Berlin, a hip coffee spot selling books and designer clothes for men in a cosy and tropical kind of way.

Satan’s Coffee Corner (08010, Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes 700) – I am no coffee addict or anything close to that but I liked the atmosphere and Diana the coffee, so I guess it should be a part of this little list.

Palo Alto Market (08019, Carrer dels Pellaires 30) – It’s a mixture of amazing food and local design brands but also a very touristic thing with loads of shoving people but a nice place to veg out and fill your belly with desserts, especially desserts yumm!

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MACBA (08001, Plaça dels Àngels 1) – The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona is a must-see, and with this I really mean MUST. I am a huge museum lover but most of the time I catch myself starring at the ceilings, strolling around the huge corridors and losing myself in the usual things around me. The architecture of this place made me nearly bowl over (both from the inside and outside).

Parc de la Ciutadella (08003, Passeig de Picasso 21) – Oh yes, it’s like a tropical oasis in the middle of Barcelona, no further words needed, just go explore.

Bunker del Carmel (08032, Carrer del Turó de la Rovira) – If you want to see Barcelona from above, it’s the place to go but we just stopped at a lower level to avoid the mass of people in order to drink our brought wine in a quiet and intimate atmosphere, so cheesy and romantic us enjoing the view!

Jardí Botànic (08038, Carrer del Doctor Font i Quer 2) – Palms, palms, palms. Cacti, cacti, cacti. Just some tropical flowers, a great view over the city and a motivational hike for all the people like me who always accidentaly let their flowers die.

Port Fòrum (08930, C/ Pau 12) – This was a tip we got from lovely Alice and didn’t regret our walk to this beauty of concrete building. f you have a weakness for minimalist architecture and bright aesthetics, go for it!

The Beach – I know you already heard about the beach (I mean who doesn’t) but just stroll around, go for a walk and just enjoy the salty air and keep an eye out for sea shells and beautiful stones.

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Sagrada Familia – It’s really not worth it and doesn’t look amazing at all plus the touristic hustle and bustle combined with pickpocket alarm.

Using Public Transport all the time – We barely used the metro/bus but walked the whole distances. You just see so much more of the beautiful city and sometimes there’s waiting a surprisingly nice place for you just right around the corner.

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