The Tbilisi kids tearing up the Georgia skate scene

Featuring kickflips, post-Soviet asphalt and fresh fashion from Tamra Skateboard

Tamuna Karumidze is best known for her documentaries. Her most celebrated work, 2015’s When the Earth Seems to Be Light, captures the life of young skaters in Georgia. “Skaters remind me of warriors,” says Tamuna. “Every time they jump off somewhere they know they’ll probably get hurt but they get up again.” It’s this fearless mentality that inspired the Georgian to launch her own fashion brand Tamra. Her very first show was only three years ago at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi where she also presented her latest collection a few weeks ago. “In the beginning I always imagined the skaters wearing my clothes,” says Tamuna. “The pieces always need to be comfortable, you have to be able to move in them.”

Even though Georgia’s skate scene is still in its infancy, Tamuna and her fashion label are filling a void that the community desperately needs. “For this group of kids, it’s important that they have someone to support them – in their thinking and lifestyle,” explains the designer. That’s one of the reasons she founded Troublemakerz , a modelling agency that represents the skate community in Georgia. “We wanted to create a structure to protect the kids,” says Tamuna. “Everyone always thinks skaters are in for trouble, but in fact they’re the nicest guys who do not do anything wrong.”


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Photos: Levan Maisuradze