these provocative photos capture the spirit of berlin’s youth

Photographer George Nebieridze shares the stories behind the images in his new book ’17’.

Pleasantly complicated. These are the two words used by Georgian photographer George Nebieridze to describe his latest book ’17 . Not necessarily what you would expect from a visual retrospective. A placenta as cover, children’s photos on one side, on the next memories of wild club nights. Over 100 of them full of hidden references. Small puzzle pieces that really make sense in the right context.

2017 was a year of great change for the young father. There would be the birth of his second daughter Ofelia, his decision to photograph more for the big names of the music industry, unforgettable party nights. Wild and quiet moments. “I’ve learned that as an artist you should be as daring as possible and never compromise, it’s always or nothing,” concludes Nebieridze.

Although the close to 300 photos at first glance match, the Georgian approaches each other differently; trying to find new ways. Many of the pictures are full of melancholy, others let you feel the crackling of sexually charged encounters on your own body. “This book could put me in jail, or at least in many difficulties,” admits Nebieridze via email. “It’s very daring and provocative, and definitely not for everyone.” But in the end he purposely leaves room for interpretation and reveals to the reader only the titles of his works. That was not enough for us. We wanted to know more about the stories behind the photos …

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Photos: George Nebieridze