exploring queer masculinity in south africa

We spoke to members of the LGBTQ community in Cape Town about the challenges they still have to face and what advice they’d give someone who’s struggling to find themselves.






Brandon Browne, 19

What do you do? I model. How do you express your personality through your work? When I started modelling I had huge issues with expressing my personality through images as I felt like it was necessary for me to paint a certain picture, however, I’ve realised that I need to be authentically me by being the same person both off and on set. What is it like to grow up queer in South Africa? It was extremely challenging, I was constantly afraid to express my queer identity publicly. It definitely forced me to be mature at a very young age. What advice would you give to someone who’s struggling with finding themselves? Open yourself up to every possibility. At first I never thought it’d be possible for me to sign with an agency, but after opening myself up to the possibility, I fell in love with the industry and started modelling full-time. What’s your favourite thing to do on your off day? I love meeting new people and catching up with friends. Queer nightlife can also be amazing at times. What is the best advice you have ever received? Embrace failure. While things may not be going your way there is almost always something to take from your failures. What will your generation be remembered for? Pushing boundaries. In the last few years my generation has been challenging society’s standards and opening up new discussions about gender identity, racial issues and politics.

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