Intro – I grew up in Freiburg, Germany but I am living in Berlin for one year now. I soon realized that photography’s not only a big hobby but a thing I can spend my whole days with, so I started a 3 year apprenticeship as a photographer to learn all the skills besides the creative part of the business. At first I was really into reproduction of nature but soon I realized that capturing a person in portrait is something totally different and unique at the same time. Creativity and inspiration can be found in every single moment, it can be a good film, music or a human being. I could describe myself as a collection of paradox – I am late, I quickly fall in love with things and people, I am chaotic and clean at the same time, I love to sing a lot, loudly and everywhere (even if I can’t sing), I can be moody and I am a mixture of super deep thoughts and a total freakshow. Maybe I am something between loud and silent dreaming – introverted and extroverted at the same time. Just me, trying to be real in a world that sometimes scares me with its surrealism.

anouschka stuck-ruben jacob fees berlin based- fashion photographer

website: | instagram: rubenjacobfees

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