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Il Gianfornaio (00192, Via dei Gracchi 179) – this was the best surprise pizza in my entire life. A must eat, promised! And best of all: You can choose the size of your slices (and therefore try the whole range).

Gelateria del Teatro (00186, Via dei Coronari 65) – go for the lemon cheesecake ice cream (or any other sort, they are all delicious!) funfact: you can also watch them produce this yummy thing from heaven!

Panella (00185, Via Merulana 54) – as sweet as the food you can buy! the perfect place to rest and treat yourself with whatever your foodporn heart desires. Really roman, really yummy!

juule kay-minimalist guide rome

• the Vatican is always crowded, I know but try to manage to get up the Basilica Sancti Petri (unfortunately we didn’t but the view is said to be breathtaking … at least with an instagram filter). If you’re too late (as we were) you can at least go inside, it’s a dream of marble.

• one of my all-time favourite museums is MAXXI Museum situated outside of the city centre, a real masterpiece of Zaha Hadid! The architecture is amazing, the art as well.

• another perfect example of combining art with an incredible building is MACRO, the second museum of modern art you should go for!

• if you’ve got a heart for modern architecture, the Ara Pacis Augustae (a Richard Meier building) is a must-see. Luckily it’s situated in the city centre, so no excuses allowed!


• don’t get ripped off! Italian coffee is delicious, I know but please read the small words when you decide to sit down in a café – We had to pay five euros extra for our table, no kidding!

• most of the touristic sight seeing stuff is overcrowded and overrated but if you can’t leave Rome before seeing the famous Trevi Fountain try to go there as late as possible to avoid masses of selfie stick monsters.

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