Pizza, Pasta et Amore or in my case: Pizza, ice cream and friendship goals. Rome is yummy, unbelievably hot (I only mean the temperature) and somehow okay. Not necessarily the best decription of an antique city which the internet raves to you about its awesomeness, I know. But if you’ve already booked your flight and you stumbled across this article while you doing some research for your unforgettable trip to Rome, it’s a pleasure for me to not disappoint you. So all I am going to do is triggering your anticipation with my favourite things to do there, yay! One of my all-time activities was watching food to get ready, eating food and wait for it … craving food! I am an ice cream lover and everybody who knows me offline and online knows about it! Italian ice cream’s said to be the best of all and I really have to admit that my ice cream heart was melting away! The Wrongdower was none other than the finest lemon cheesecake ice cream! Otherwise it’s been a dead city – except of all the masses of tourists armed with selfie sticks we had to get out of the way (clumsy us). If we didn’t catch us craving the next slice of pizza with our mouths still full of food, we hide from the heat, in museums of course. You start to sweat when every single tourist guide wants you to buy something silly and all you can do is run away every five minutes from their rudeness … and not to forget at all it’s been 33 degrees in the shade. I wish the lady who reproached us kiddos for not educating ourselves properly would know how many museums we saw from the inside while exploring Rome … wow, two.

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Pizza, Pasta et Amore oder wie in meinem Fall: Pizza, Eis und Friendship Goals. Rom ist lecker, unglaublich heiß und ja, irgendwie okay. Nicht unbedingt die schönste Beschreibung einer antiken Stadt, von der mir in diesem Internet immer vorgeschwärmt wurde, ich weiß. Aber falls du deinen Flug schon gebucht hast und gerade bei der Recherche für deine unvergessliche Reise nach Rom auf diesen Artikel gestoßen bist, dann will ich dich natürlich nicht enttäuschen und mit meinen Lieblingsbeschäftigungen deine Vorfreude ins Unermessliche treiben, yay! Zu diesen gehörten: Essen, Essen und wer hätte das gedacht, Essen. Ich liebe Eiscreme, jeder der mich online und offline kennt, weiß das. Man sagt italienischem Eis einiges nach, mein Eiscreme-Herz hat es tatsächlich zum Schmelzen gebracht. Der Übeltäter: Lemon Cheesecake-Eis. Ansonsten war die Stadt wie ausgestorben, lediglich die Massen an Selfiestick bewaffneten Touristen, durch die wir uns, ungeschickt wie wir sind, trotzallem einigermaßen gut manövierten. Wenn man uns nicht gerade dabei erwischt hat mit vollem Mund das nächste unheimlich leckere Stück Pizza in unseren Bauch zu wünschen, haben wir uns vor der Hitze versteckt, in Museen kann man das übrigens besonders gut! Schließlich kommt man ganz schön ins Schwitzen, wenn man im Vatikan alle fünf Minuten vor unverschämt unfreundlichen Touristguides wegzurennen versucht und das bei 33 Grad im Schatten. Ich wünschte die Lady, die uns auf russisch vorgeworfen hat, dass wir Kinder uns doch bilden müssen, wüsste wie viele Museen wir, wie echte Vorzeigekids besucht haben … ganze zwei.

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Il Gianfornaio (00192, Via dei Gracchi 179) – this was the best surprise pizza I tasted so far. A must eat, I promise! And best of all: You can choose the size of your slices (and therefore try the whole range).

Gelateria del Teatro (00186, Via dei Coronari 65) – go for the lemon cheesecake ice cream (or any other sort, they are all delicious!) funfact: you can also watch them produce this yummy thing from heaven!

Panella (00185, Via Merulana 54) – as sweet as the food you can buy there! the perfect place to rest and treat yourself with whatever your foodporn heart desires. Really roman, really yummy!

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• the Vatican is always crowded, I know but try to manage to get up the Basilica Sancti Petri (unfortunately we didn’t but the view is said to be breathtaking … at least with an instagram filter). If you’re too late (so us) at least go inside, it’s a dream of marble and filigree ornaments.

• one of my all-time favourite museums, the MAXXI Museum is situated a bit outside of the city centre, a real masterpiece of Zaha Hadid! The architecture is amazing, the art as well but I am always fascinated of museum ceilings and concrete constructions …

• and another perfect example of combining art with an incredible building is MACRO, the second museum of modern art you should go for!

• if you’ve got a heart for modern architecture, the Ara Pacis Augustae (a Richard Meier building) is a must-see. Luckily it’s situated in the city centre, so no excuses allowed!


• don’t get ripped off! Italian coffee is delicious, I know but please read the small print when you decide to sit down in a café – We really paid five euros extra for our table, no kidding!

• most of the touristic sight seeing stuff is overcrowded and overrated but if you can’t leave Rome before seeing the famous Trevi Fountain try to go there as late in the evening as possible to avoid masses of selfie stick monsters.

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