It’s been a month that Diana, Alice and I payed a visit to Milan, the city of fashion as google showed me as first result. One of our I-have-to-get-out-of-the-city-immediately-escape-trips, as I affectionately like to call them and which happen approximately every two months. Every time they leave a trace in my mindset and this heart-warming feeling of complete contentedness (a rare one, keep it as long as possible) and of course a lot of visual memories! The city knows how to impress, although we spent half of the time in the Fondazione Prada, just because museums are admittedly the better places for passing the time than shopping centres and tourist attractions. Probably the reason why this guide won’t offer you a lot of serious travel material but a bunch of snapshots on our way to the next restaurant. As they say, living la dolce vita, the sweetness of life – Three cheers for the italian lifestyle with its words of wisdom! 

Vor gut einem Monat hat es Diana, Alice und mich nach Mailand verschlagen, einer dieser spontanen ich-muss-mal-wieder-raus-hier-Trips, die sich gut alle zwei Monate wiederholen und dieses wohlig-warme Gefühl von Zufriedenheit hinterlassen – und eine Menge an visuellen Erinnerungen! Die Stadt kann was, auch wenn wir die Hälfte der Zeit mit vollen Bäuchen in der Fondazione Prada verbracht haben, einfach weil Museen zugegebenermaßen die besseren Zeitvertreiber-Orte sind als Einkaufszentren und Touristenattraktionen. Vermutlich wird dieser Guide daher kaum viel mehr Inhalt bieten können als eine Reihe an Momentaufnahmen auf dem Weg zum nächsten Restaurant. Wie sagt man so schön, la dolce vita, das süße Leben, es sich einfach gut gehen lassen – oder so ähnlich. Ein Hoch auf den Lebensstil der Italiener!


• the only thing I strongly recommend is Bar Luce (20139, Largo Isarco 2) because I know you’re certainly a Wes Anderson fan and love the atmosphere of his films (I promise you’ll love it there, psst the ice-tea is to die for!)

• be one of the so called “babes at the museum” – all you have to do is being a babe in a museum, crazy. No really, go for the Fondazione Prada when in Milan – we spent half of the day in its magnificent buildings. I mean there’s a golden haunted house, hello?!

• actually I am (almost) done with university and don’t want to see one from the inside when travelling but the bulding of the Bocconi university is a real piece of gold for every architecture lover. As I am one of the persons who literally always looks up, it’s been one of my favourite places in Milan.

• the only tourist attraction we couldn’t miss was the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II but only for a real quick excursion because it’s stuffed with hundreds of tourists, pigeons and pickpockets (not a good wishlist).

Navigli has been my favourite area for strolling around, having an ice-cream and take a rest from the hustle and bustle, definitely worth a walk!



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