meet the berlin queen of voguing and her ballroom kids

To celebrate the first Vogue Ball in the history of Melt Festival, we introduce the people who’ve helped shape the German ballroom scene.

There’s Madonna’s hit Vogue, the moving documentary Paris Is Burning and of course Netflix mega success Pose. Everyone knows about voguing, but wait… do we really? Voguing is a type of dance and part of New York’s ballroom scene, founded by the black and Latinx LGBTQ community in the 70s to escape the marginalisation of a white heteronormative society. So called “houses” became surrogate families for the ballroom kids.

Over the years, ballroom — especially voguing — became a global phenomenon. Maybe it’s the fascination for the extreme movements of the voguers or the feeling of community that spills out to the crowd. It’s not only queer people who are welcome, everyone is, so long as they treat the scene with respect.

“Originally, it was gay and trans people of colour who created this world, this safe space for themselves,” explains Andra Wöllert aka Zueira Mizrahi Angels, who won the Award as Germany’s Finest for the second time in a row. With good reason, as she’s responsible for two houses in Germany: the Kiki House of Angels and the Iconic House of Mizrahi from New York.

But this isn’t all she’s got for you! Zueria is also the host of the first Vogue Ball in the history of Berlin’s Melt Festival. The perfect occasion to get to know the queen of voguing and her ballroom kids a bit more.


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Photos: Agatha Powa